5 Easy Ways to Glam Up an At-Home Brunch for Less

A champagne cocktail station? A photo-worthy dessert spread? Done!

We’re guessing that brunch with friends has not been as standard in the past two years. Now is the perfect time to invite your friends to a relaxing weekend meal. You don’t need any reason to host an at-home brunch, no matter if you are celebrating a birthday or simply enjoying the company of your friends. You can also make a great brunch with freshly prepared produce, high-quality sparkling wine, and delicious baked goods. It’s easy to prepare and affordable. Here are five easy ways to make a brunch memorable with friends without breaking the bank.


Brunch parties can be relaxed. It is possible to put together a menu in a matter of minutes.
It is worth it if you’re blessed with the time and resources to plan a brunch party. It can be a time-consuming task if you have many people to feed and want to share your meals with your guests.
My brunch menu is always planned for at least a week. This ensures that I have enough time for all the ingredients and knick-knacks (skewers, garnishes, fresh-cut flowers, etc.)

When it comes to serving dishes and drinks seamlessly, a well-planned menu is critical.
Get the Bubbly Out for a Boozy Drink Bar

A bubbly cocktail is the best way to show your sophistication. The mimosa is synonymous with elegant brunches. Mimosa has a high fab factor, but it’s also straightforward to make. It’s a mixture of one part sparkling wine (like Belletti Prosecco) and one part orange juice (such as Nature’s Nectar Orange Juice). A great way to break the ice at brunch is to create a bubbly cocktail bar—place bottles of prosecco and sparkling wine like PurAqua Belle Vie on ice. Then, choose from a few different types of juice, such as Specially Selected 100% Cherry Juice, so that friends can make their bubbly cocktails. To finish each drink, serve slices of fruit or berries such as oranges, watermelon and blueberries. Premixed mimosas with various fruit garnishes are a simple option.

Set Up A DIY Yogurt Parfait Station

You can also make your yogurt parfait bars if a liquid menu is insufficient. In large bowls, mix different yogurt flavors (we like Specially Select Greek Yogurt). Next, add your favorite mix-ins to smaller bowls. You can pour honey and jam (such as Simply Nature Organic Preserves) into small glass jars to add sweetness.

Make a Photo-Worthy Treatboard

You’ve seen photos on Instagram and Pinterest of beautifully styled brunches. Although they look amazing, it’s impossible to cook all these delicious creations from scratch. ALDI has a vast selection of delicious breakfast sweets and treats. It’s easy to create a dessert board worthy of social media, provided you follow these guidelines. You will need a large platter or cutting board to start. Next, add the essential items (we are talking about baked goods such as L’oven Fresh Apple Strudel bread). After those have been spread on the board, add additional goodies such as sliced Specially Selected Maple French Toast Bagels and minis like Bake Shop Blueberry Mini Muffins or Specially Selected Mini Cream Puffs. Add berries to the board (strawberries and raspberries add color), and perhaps a few shakes with powdered sugar.

Play a game of Will It Waffle

The waffle iron is brunch’s most overlooked hero and is a great way to show friends how versatile it can be. Brunch is a great time to get to know it. Prep Aunt Maple’s Protein Pancake and Waffle Mix and leave it out in an ice-filled pitcher, and it will look just like a restaurant buffet. The guest who creates the best waffle recipe wins an unofficial prize.

Blend with Mix-and-Match Smoothies

The brunch spread can be brought to work with your blender. To create this glamorous take on a smoothie station, pour some Simply Nature Organic Assorted Juices and milk (regular or dairy-free) into glasses and place them on a long table. Next, give your friends a variety of mix-ins. These include nut and seed butter, chopped-up frozen fruits like bananas, pineapple, strawberries, sweeteners such as 100% Pure Maple Syrup and Simply Natural Organic Wildflower Honey, and plenty of ice. Place your blender or blenders at the end of the table. Mason jars or colorful paper straws are a nice finishing touch for fruity drinks.

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