Resolutions for Better Eating Habits

I will eat more fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.

You can promise yourself that you will eat at most one more piece of fruit and vegetable at each meal. Do what you can to keep your promise. Keep cut vegetables in plastic bags or containers and keep them in your fridge. Low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, hummus and other healthy dips should be kept on hand. You can add vegetables to your everyday meals like sandwiches, soups, and omelets to add extra nutrients. It adds an extra nutritional punch when mashed potatoes are topped with cauliflower puree.

I am going to eat less fast food.

Avoid temptation when you’re trying to avoid fast food. You can change your route to avoid going near fast-food restaurants. Healthy snacks such as nuts and dried fruits are good to have on hand for snacking between meals. When you eat out at fast-food restaurants, choose the best—many great choices, including low-fat chili, baked potatoes and grilled chicken. Salads are great, and regular soda is a sugar bomb. Choose water or diet sodas instead. Avoid supersizing and value meals. Small portions and regular meals help to reduce fat and calories.

I don’t want to eat mindlessly.

You can control your eating habits and avoid hunger. It would help if you ate when you feel hungry and stopped eating once satisfied. Do not eat while you are distracted, and you are watching TV or using the computer while eating can lead to an increase in calories. You can take control of your diet and waistline by being in touch with your body.

I want to eat less sugar.

A 12-ounce can of regular soda contains at least 30g of sugar, which is about eight teaspoons of sugar. You can reduce your sugar intake by replacing one regular soda a day with water, unsweetened tea, and diet soda. Choose unsweetened cereals, and choose fresh fruits or fruit canned in-water over sugary alternatives.

I will have breakfast every morning.

You can bring breakfast on the move if you have limited time in the morning. Do not eat while driving. You can make your yogurt, instant oatmeal, fresh fruits, breakfast bars, and granola. Bagels and muffins are often sold in large portions. You can choose to eat less or opt for healthier options. Even if you don’t eat breakfast, eating something every morning to start your metabolism is essential.

I want to plan my meals.

It’s common for people to lack time to eat healthily, but this doesn’t mean it has to be. Plan to ensure that you make healthy food choices. Take snacks such as fruit, cereal and trail mix when you leave the house. For those nights when you are too tired to cook, keep healthy frozen meals on hand. Make a list of the local restaurants and supermarkets that offer healthy options such as grilled chicken and clear (non-cream-based) soups. You’ll be less likely than others to make poor food choices if you are prepared.

I am going to be able to say “No.”

When under pressure from outsiders, it cannot be easy to make healthy food choices. You might slip up when a colleague brings in homemade treats to work, or a waiter tells you that it is impossible to order sauce with your meal. While indulgent eating now and again won’t ruin your healthy eating habits, it can cause problems. Let others know that you are trying to make healthy choices and decline any tempting treats. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your choices. Healthy eating is about investing in your health.

I won’t overeat.

It matters what size you choose. According to Dr. Brian Wansink (author of Mindless Eating), people tend to eat 22% more when they eat from a 10-inch-round plate than a 12-inch one. You can also eat less by using smaller spoons, paying attention to what you put on your plate and eating slowly. You can also eat less if you cook in the kitchen, rather than at the table.

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